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Size: Small – 60 cm
Color: Matte Black
Matte Black
  • Istanbul – One city, two worlds

    The only city in the world that’s half in Asia and half in Europe, the exotic Istanbul connects the two continents culturally as well as physically. World-famous for its rich history and stunning scenery, the Turkish city is full of important historic sites – such as the Hagia Sophia, a towering 6th-century dome from the iconic Byzantine era.

    Our Istanbul city silhouette includes:

    - Ortakoy - Bosphorus Bridge - Levent 199 - Elite Residences - Sisli Plaza - Istanbul Sapphire - Skyland Istanbul - Süzer Plaza - Rönesans Tower - Ciftci Towers - Soyak Tower - Hagia Sophia - The Blue Mosque - Galata Tower - Topkapi Palace Museum - Maiden's Tower.

    Made in the UK, exclusively by Siluet - City Silhouettes.