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Size: Small – 60 cm
Color: Matte Black
Matte Black
Glossy Black
Matte Grey
  • Cairo and Giza – Enter ancient Egypt

    Home to the ancient pyramids, Sphinx and royal tombs of the pharaohs, the sprawling Cairo is the largest city in the Middle East. The official name of the capital of Egypt is ‘al-Qāhirah’, which  means ‘the Conqueror’ in Arabic, supposedly because the city was founded when the planet Mars (known as ‘the Conquering Star’) was rising.

    Our Cairo and Giza city silhouette includes:

    - Bent Pyramid - Pyramid of Djoser - Pyramid of Menkaure - The Great Pyramid of Giza as known as Pyramid of Khufu - Pyramid of Khafre - Great Sphinx of Giza - The Hanging Church - Cairo Tower - Sofitel Cairo El Gezira Hotel - Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Mosque Madrassa of Sultan Hassan - Mosque of Muhammad Ali - Unknown Soldier Memorial.

    Made in the UK, exclusively by Siluet - City Silhouettes.