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Size: Small – 60 cm
Color: Matte Black
Matte Black
Glossy Black
Matte Grey
  • Oxford - The city of Dreaming Spires.

    Established over 800 years ago, Oxford is famous worldwide for its prestigious university, the oldest in the English-speaking world. Steeped in history, with beautiful cobbled streets and peaceful courtyards, the very English city has been a home to royalty and scholars and an enormous wealth of human talent over the centuries. Its high street even looks the same now as it did at the end of the 18th century.

    Our Oxford city silhouette includes:

    Carfax Tower - Christ Church - University Church of St Mary the Virgin - All Souls College - Radcliffe Camera - Bodleian Library - Bridge of Sighs - Ashmolean Museum - The Sheldonian Theatre - Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

    Made in the UK exclusively by Siluet.