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  • Cambridge - The Nobel City

    Best known for its eponymous university, Cambridge's history spans from many centuries. Oddly enough, even though its eponymous university was founded in 1209, this quintessential English town only became a city in 1951. 

    Home to more Nobel prize winners than any other city in the world, Cambridge is a hub of innovation and creativity. 

    Our Cambridge city silhouette includes:

    - FitzWilliam Museum - Pembroke College Library - Corpus Christi College - Kings College Chapel - Great St. Mary's Church - Trinity College - St. John's College - Bridge of Sighs -  The Round Church.

    Designed in London and made in Dubai. Exclusively by Siluet - City Silhouettes.


Our skilines come iwith a QR code where you can see all the building's list.

Easy to install, they come with nails that matches the colour of your silhouette.

We care about our planet

Our skylines are made from recycled acrylic. The acrylic left over during from our production process is also recycled, making your skyline a sustainable product.