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  • Shanghai Assembly Instructions


    List of buildings on Shanghai Skyline. Longyang Road Station  Shanghai MagLev Train  Aura Plaza  Shanghai Plaza  Shanghai World Financial Centre  Jin Mao Tower  IFC Towers Shanghai Futures Building Bank Of China Tower Oriental Pearl TV Tower Waibadu Bridge Sinar Mas Centre The Bund: HSBC Building  Old City: City God Temple, Yu Garden Mid Lake Pavilion Tea House in the Jiu Qu Bridge Tomorrow Square Shimao International Plaza  K11, Shanghai Museum  Plaza 66 Shanghai Wheelock Square Wukang Mansion Longhua Pagoda Qibao Old Town: Bell Tower Zhujiaojiao Water Town.

    Assembly instructions

    Choose your preferred spot. Carefully remove your silhouette from the box. Level the skyline with the floor. A measuring tape would be your friend.

    Insert the nails profived in the holes, one at a time. With the help of a rubber mallet or a hammer affix the nails to the wall.

    We recommend you work from the outside to the centre.

    If you have brick or concrete walls, please pre-drill the holes first. Use your silhouette to mark the wall where the holes should be, but don't drill using your skyline as a template, that might break it.

    Be gentle when hammering you don't want the nails too tight so they will damage the artwork.

    Now step back, take a picture and share it with us!

    Warning: Contains small sharp parts. Not suitable for children.