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Looking for your favourite city?


Size: Small – 60 cm
Color: Matte Black
Matte Black
Glossy Black
Matte Grey
  • New York – Concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

    NYC has always pushed the boundaries of architecture. From the Art Deco design of the Chrysler Building and Empire State Building to its more obscure, historical oddities, the Big Apple’s architectural marvels all play their part in one of the most iconic skylines of the world – and in making New York New York.

    Our New York city silhouette includes:

    - 200 Vesey Street - 500 Fifth Avenue - 50 West Street - Madison Square Park Tower - City Spire Centre - 56 Leonard Street - One Astor Plaza - One Five One - Flatiron Building - Paramount Plaza - Empire State Building - Chrysler Building - Brooklyn Bridge - Statue of Liberty - One World Trade Centre - 8 Spruce Street - One57 - 70 Pine Street - Bank of America Tower - Metropolitan Museum of Art - Rockefeller Centre - Ferris Wheel.

    Made in the UK exclusively by Siluet - City Silhouettes.