Looking for your favourite city?


Size: Small – 60 cm
Color: Silver
Matte Black
  • Amsterdam – Iconic city of canals

    The capital of the Netherlands boasts more than one hundred kilometres of canals, hence its fame as the ‘Venice of the North’. Founded in the 12th century as a fishing village, Amsterdam is known for its elaborate canal system, artistic heritage and for being extremely cosmopolitan and open. With over 180 nationalities, this melting pot is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. I AMsterdam indeed.

    Our Amsterdam city silhouette includes:

    - Anne Frank house – Westerkerk - Rijks Museum - Royal Palace of Amsterdam - Centraal Station - Skinny Bridge - Residential Buildings - NEMO Science Centre - Het Scheepvaartmuseum - Rembrandt Tower

    Made in the UK, exclusively by Siluet - City Silhouettes.