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Size: Small - 60 cm
Color: Gold
Matte Black

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  • Shanghai - The pearl of the Orient.

    Shanghai's history that can be dated back to 4000 B.C. and is now one of the world's largest city. With a population of around 27 million, Shanghai has more people than the whole of Australia.

  • Our Shanghai city silhouette includes:

    - Longyang Road Station - Shanghai MagLev Train - Aura Plaza - Shanghai Plaza - Shanghai World Financial Centre - Jin Mao Tower - IFC Towers - Shanghai Futures Building - Bank Of China Tower - Oriental Pearl TV Tower - Waibadu Bridge - Sinar Mas Centre - The Bund: HSBC Building - Old City: City God Temple - Yu Garden - Mid Lake Pavilion - Tea House in the Jiu Qu Bridge - Tomorrow Square - Shimao International Plaza - K11 - Shanghai Museum - Plaza 66 - Shanghai Wheelock Square -Wukang Mansion - Longhua Pagoda - Qibao Old Town: Bell Tower - Zhujiaojiao Water Town.

    Designed in London and made in Dubai. Exclusively by Siluet - City Silhouettes.


Easy to install, our skylines come with matching nails.

We care about our planet

Our skylines are made from recycled acrylic. The acrylic left over during from our production process is also recycled, making your skyline a sustainable product.